Basketball Jersey Numbers


What Are Some Famous Basketball Jersey Numbers?

Players have various reasons for why they choose certain basketball jersey numbers. Some want to keep the same numbers they have worn since high school while others were inspired by people they admired when growing up. It is interesting as to how so many jersey numbers have been so important over time. Many of these have been worn by multiple people who have been successful over the years.

23 – Michael Jordan, LeBron James

Michael Jordan has long been considered to be the greatest basketball player in the sport’s history. LeBron James has been seen as his heir apparent as another iconic and dominant player. It is no surprise that both players would have used the same number 23 on their jerseys.

33 – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Patrick Ewing, Larry Bird

33 is an interesting number as it could highlight how well a player can hit a three-pointer. But the three names listed here were known more for their incredible all-around skills while being strong leaders for their respective teams.

32 – Magic Johnson, Karl Malone

Magic Johnson was a thrilling player on the Showtime Lakers of the 1980s while Karl Malone was a powerful leader for the Utah Jazz for much of his career. These two both share the same number 32, just one off from 33 but still distinct in its own way.

34 – Charles Barkley, Hakeem Olajuwon

Charles Barkley was known for being an outspoken player with strong defensive skills. Hakeem the Dream was an imposing figure for the Houston Rockets through his career. These two both wore 34 and represented that number quite well.

7 – Pete Maravich, Kevin Johnson

7 has long been considered to be a lucky number among many NBA players. It was certainly lucky for Pistol Pete as he was a big star for the New Orleans Jazz in the 1970s. Phoenix Suns star Kevin Johnson was a great wingman for Charles Barkley as well.

11 – Elvin Hayes, Isiah Thomas, Yao Ming, Bob Davies

11 is another number that is often seen as being lucky to some NBA players. Elvin Hayes was a big star for the Washington Bullets while Isiah Thomas won a few titles with the Bad Boy Pistons. Yao Ming was especially vital to the game for bringing the NBA out to his home country of China. Bob Davies of the Rochester Royals is also noteworthy as his number was the first to truly stand out in the NBA.

00 – Robert Parish

Not many people have chosen to wear 00 as it is not necessarily a common option for people to think about. But Robert Parish was one person who truly stood out as he played for 21 seasons in the NBA with that number. Much of his team was spent with the Boston Celtics and that team’s heyday in the 1980s.

18 – Jim Loscutoff

This last number is for another Boston Celtics legend but it is for something a little more unique. When Jim Loscutoff retired, the seven-time NBA champion’s number 18 was to be retired by the Celtics. He did not want the number retired as he wanted someone else on the team to wear it, thus resulting in a “Loscy” being posted on a retired number banner at the Boston Garden instead of a number. Dave Cowens eventually wore 18 for the Celtics as that number was later retired in his honor.



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